Comapping for College Students

Just got a notice that Comapping is mentioned among 50 best mindmapping tools for college students – and of course reminding that we’re still conducting our famous pilot projects for free!

Comapping AIR goes commercial!

After a while running a free beta program, we decided that Comapping AIR BETA reached the production quality. Therefore the product is turning commercial from this point. Please check our Desktop page for the pricing information, and hope to welcome you as a Desktop Customer!

Batch backup, external data, and more

We’ve just put a new version online, and this time it was mostly focused on non-visual stuff. This update includes:

  • Batch export (to be used as a backup primarily) of all your maps
  • External Data to link your maps to the external data sources
  • More “recent maps” in the startup dialog
  • A lot of minor fixes and speed-ups as usual

Additionally we are working on documenting our API and related features, so expect more in the area soon.

Comapping AIR on TechCrunch

TechCrunch lists Comapping among 5 ‘really good applications’ for Adobe AIR platform – we’re all really excited here about getting in these top five!

Comapping in PC World Norge

PC World Norge has recently published an article about mindmapping tools including Comapping. My Norwegian is really poor and I haven’t managed to find the article on the website yet but here are images of page 1 and page 2.

UPDATE: There is one more article about us here – a pity I still cannot read Norwegian 😦

Global Search, Recent Maps and more

I am pleased to announce that we’ve put the new version online last week. New feature include:

  • Global Search to allow you to search your maps for content
  • Recent Maps to let you quickly open your favourite documents
  • New icons added

Additionally, printing has been improved, a lot of bugs fixed, and performance is gonna be better now. Looking forward for your feedback!

Comapping components for Silverlight

I am glad to announce that we have finally made some parts of the technology behind Comapping available for external developers. Check out our Silverlight Components page, and maybe you’d like some of them!