Comapping in PC World Norge

PC World Norge has recently published an article about mindmapping tools including Comapping. My Norwegian is really poor and I haven’t managed to find the article on the website yet but here are images of page 1 and page 2.

UPDATE: There is one more article about us here – a pity I still cannot read Norwegian 😦

Global Search, Recent Maps and more

I am pleased to announce that we’ve put the new version online last week. New feature include:

  • Global Search to allow you to search your maps for content
  • Recent Maps to let you quickly open your favourite documents
  • New icons added

Additionally, printing has been improved, a lot of bugs fixed, and performance is gonna be better now. Looking forward for your feedback!

Comapping components for Silverlight

I am glad to announce that we have finally made some parts of the technology behind Comapping available for external developers. Check out our Silverlight Components page, and maybe you’d like some of them!

Comapping on Adobe AIR Marketplace

We’ve finally managed to submit Comapping AIR BETA to Adobe AIR Marketplace. The process took about a month basically due to slow and error-prone marketplace software, but it’s done now. Expecting more users from it now!

New features uploaded

I am happy to announce that we’ve just put a new update online. This one is not very feature-rich but there are still some improvements:

  • Task handling has been extended to support an extra Start Date field
  • Email tasks dialog has been re-implemented to add more advanced sorting and filtering options
  • Group users can now see all their peers in the Share Dialog by default
  • Edit link dialog has a target option added

Of course numerous bug fixes and speed-ups are also in place, and another major new feature is coming in a couple of days.

Planned downtime

We are informing everyone that we expect a planned downtime for about 3 hours on Sunday early morning European time / Saturday late evening US time. We apologize for the inconvenience but we need to perform a major software upgrade.

A little bit of good news though: expect a major software upgrade after that!

Comapping Server and Active Directory

I am glad to let everyone know that we’ve just made Comapping Server Solution work together with Microsoft Active Directory in terms of user authentication. One of our customers wanted that.. and we made it! Not that difficult after all, I was afraid it could be worse.

Comapping AIR version BETA launch

I have some exciting news for the community: we’re launching Comapping AIR version BETA publicly! For those who don’t know AIR is Adobe‘s latest cool technology allowing to convert online applications into offline relatively easily, and this is what we have done for you. So just go directly to Comapping AIR BETA download page, install it and enjoy! And of course feel free to report the feedback but keep in mind it is only BETA for now 😉

Follow us on Twitter!

Good news for some of you: we’ve just made a account, so you can now follow even the minor events: – enjoy!

New features coming

Comapping is ready to come with new features. We now have the following in the coming release:

  • Find and Replace to help our users deal with large maps
  • Picture previews to make pictures look nicer
  • Show/hide toolbar to allow people save this valuable screen real estate

The main thing however is the brand new look’n’feel. With this release we’re finishing our major redesign campaign and hope you’ll like the result!