Spell Check and a lot more

I am glad to announce that we’ve just put our new Spell Check feature online. You can now spell check as you type, get suggestions and replace incorrect words in a totally userfriendly way. I am sure this alone is worth a release, however we have even more stuff now:

  • New welcome dialog is now even more easy to use than before allowing you to see up to 16 recent maps and quickly access the Import Map feature – yes you don’t have to open a map just to import another map anymore!
  • And you asked for it – you have now a way to remove a user from the list of your contacts. Check the Share with Address Book dialog and you will find a nice context menu there.

A small FAQ on spell checking:

  • Yes we plan to add more languages later
  • Yes we plan to add user dictionaries
  • Yes we plan to speed it up

Enjoy! And waiting for your feedback!

API examples now available

I am pleased to announce one more tiny thing we’ve made to help you integrate your applications with us. We’ve just put the PHP examples for our API online – check them out!

Forgotten feature: batch sharing

I’ve just realized this morning that I forgot to mention one more new feature we have: share multiple maps at once. Now you can multi-select a number of maps in file dialog and share all of them – especially useful when you add new people to your team.

Protect Map, My Users and more

We’ve just put a new release online. It includes the following changes:

  • Protect Map feature allows you to mark a map as protected meaning that your collaborators won’t be able to extract content from this map. This is an ideal way to share a confidential and/or private information with your peers.
  • My Users group in Share Dialog is a way for our most heavy users to deal with too many contacts in their lists: it allows you to show either all people having access to the same maps as you have (‘All users’) or only people directly shared on your maps (‘My users’).
  • And of course a lot of bug fixes and enhancements.

We are opening the API!

I am ready to announce some excellent news for many of our users. We’ve just put an API Reference document online, so try it NOW! And of course do not hesitate to share your first impressions with us and the community.

New release is out

I am pleased to announce a new release just put online. This was mostly a performance and polishing release, however the following new features are available:

  • Lock for topics and subtopics
  • Email tasks dialog improved
  • New graphical style for emails

Of course, a lot of bug fixes and smaller-scale improvements are also in place.

Comapping for College Students

Just got a notice that Comapping is mentioned among 50 best mindmapping tools for college students – and of course reminding that we’re still conducting our famous pilot projects for free!

Comapping AIR goes commercial!

After a while running a free beta program, we decided that Comapping AIR BETA reached the production quality. Therefore the product is turning commercial from this point. Please check our Desktop page for the pricing information, and hope to welcome you as a Desktop Customer!

Batch backup, external data, and more

We’ve just put a new version online, and this time it was mostly focused on non-visual stuff. This update includes:

  • Batch export (to be used as a backup primarily) of all your maps
  • External Data to link your maps to the external data sources
  • More “recent maps” in the startup dialog
  • A lot of minor fixes and speed-ups as usual

Additionally we are working on documenting our API and related features, so expect more in the area soon.

Comapping AIR on TechCrunch

TechCrunch lists Comapping among 5 ‘really good applications’ for Adobe AIR platform – we’re all really excited here about getting in these top five!