Prices are down

We are glad to announce that we have decided to lower prices on all editions on Comapping. Starting November 15th, both Online and Desktop Comapping will become twice as cheap as they are now. Take a look at Comapping pricing for more details.

New release is out

It’s been a while since the last entry was published here, and we are sincerely sorry for the silence. We’ve gone through a lot of infrastructure updates, and I hope we can be more active here from now on. As a starting post, please find the latest changes below:

  • Import of Xmind mindmaps in Comapping Desktop.
  • Import/export of ConceptDraw Mindmap *.cdmz files.
  • Locking of attachments. The feature allows the owner of a map or a user who uploaded an attachment to forbid downloading it for anyone else. The feature is useful to create try-before-buy content and similar applications. To lock an attachment, click on ‘Lock file’ button (‘Advanced Options’ tab).

New features uploaded

As most of you noticed we’ve put new update yesterday. This one is not very feature-rich, but still there’s some improvements:

  • You can now Drag&Drop files in Comapping Desktop attaching them to topic as local attachments.
  • Remember branch state feature added. Look for ‘Remember branch state’ button on ‘Advanced Options’ tab. Clicking on it will freeze the collapse/expand state of branch, i.e. if the branch is collapsed it will be collapsed any time the map is redrawn(the same if the branch is expanded).

And of course there’s numerous bug fixes. Enjoy using new features and don’t forget to give us a feedback

Pricing changes

It’s been not so long since our last pricing changes in April, but we have some more news in this area. We’ve just made the following changes:

  • There is a new 1 month subscription plan priced at $10 for those who aren’t ready for a longer term commitment yet
  • We’ve dramatically increased the discounts for the group plans resulting in enormous savings for those buying multiple accounts.

Everyone is welcome to visit our Editions page to get the complete new picture of how much does Comapping cost for you NOW.

Comapping for Google Apps

We’ve been silent for a while but that was for a reason, and it’s time to open that up. We are ready to announce that Comapping is now available as a Google Apps application – Comapping for Google Apps!

Those of you having a Google Apps account, just click the link and add Comapping to your Google Apps NOW!

If you don’t have a Google Apps account but are an individual Google user, you can still benefit from the new developments – you can now log in using Google account instead of typing login and password – just click Login with your Google Account link on Comapping home page.

And of course the registration has never been easier for the newcomers – just click the link, confirm access at Google, and you’re done!

We do strongly believe here at Comapping that this will make the user experience even smoother – and that’s something the project is devoted to from day one!

New feature: Insert Map from Document

As some of you noticed already, we’ve put a new feature online – Insert Map from Document. Built on top of existing Context Organizer integration, this feature now allows for building your map from external content with just few mouse clicks – just click a button, enter URL or specify the file you want to look at, and you’re done! Try it now and please let us now how this works (note that only English, German, French and Spanish documents work for now)

Comapping is now 2.0!

We have quite a milestone here at Comapping – we decided to call our new version that is currently on production ‘Comapping 2.0’. We’ve done it for a number of reasons:

  • Comapping Desktop version is now 100% officially not BETA: it is now a commercially signed Adobe AIR application leading to a lot better user experience when installing and update the application.
  • This is the last version before our pricing changes as announced in the separate post.

Additionally, we have a small batch of new features available now:

  • Full-screen mode (check the Advanced tab) allows for using as much of your screen as possible for map navigation
  • Map publishing in your blogs has been improved a little to allow users search inside published maps and authors to specify width and height of the map to publish

However, 2.0 doesn’t mean we’re all done – we have one major new feature coming out the next couple of weeks, and more are in the works. So as usual – stay tuned!

Comapping Pricing Changes

Effective April 1st, 2010, Comapping pricing is changing in the following way:

  • 6-month license won’t be available any longer
  • 12-month single-user license will cost USD50 per year
  • The desktop version is USD100 per license (not time restricted!).
  • Group pricing will be updated accordingly
  • Existing customers will keep the old prices when renewing

We could pretend that the reason for increasing the price is that we now offer a desktop version or that we have this or that new feature, but we will not claim that this is the reason. We could also pretend this is due to the financial crisis or that we wish to sell or market Comapping in other ways that require a higher price point, but we won’t.

The true story is that we are spending an unreasonable amount of time explaining why Comapping is as cheap as it is! Some people can’t believe that the product is mature when the price is so much lower than the competition. So let us state this once and for all: Comapping is a project that is a spin-off of years of research in distributed teams and collaboration and has been highly critical to the success of the two founding companies of Comapping, Lanit-Tercom and Area9.

And so what? Well, the point is that Comapping is not driven by any crazy Web Bubble 2.0 dream, but purely by a principle of ‘Let’s ask for a small contribution to see if we are on the right track with this’. That has worked fine so far, except that a significant number of our support calls have been around the issue of why it is so cheap. We would rather improve the product than answer those questions.

We are convinced that most of you understand the irony of this. If any of our passionate users are getting into financial trouble over this decision, rest assured that you can continue to renew your account at half the price in the future. In case you have recommended Comapping to someone else, just tell us and we will issue vouchers for you that will keep the price at the current level as we definitely do not wish to disappoint anybody.

Comaping and Context Organizer together

I am writing this blog post to announce that we’re launching a pilot for the new feature – integrated Context Organizer service. This is a great way for you to quickly analyze documents and web links and insert summaries of their content into the map – basically, an automated way to make maps, something you were dreaming about before! Context Organizer slogan is ‘Read less – Learn more’, and now the power of it is available to Comapping users.

Please do not hesitate to try this new feature out and share your feedback! Just to clarify, you don’t need to download and installing anything, just use the Map It! feature now built-in to Comapping!

Cross-topic links live!

We are terribly sorry for being a little bit silent for a while, but this was for a reason. We have just released a brand new feature many of our users asked before: cross-topic links! Yes you can now put links between different topics in your maps and visually connect the related topics from different branches.

Additionally, two new export formats are ready: SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) and (as many people asked) PDF! The last one was asked particularly often and we are sure will be of great value for our users.

There are lots of other improvements you might have noticed already, and a lot of new cool stuff in the works. We hope you would keep enjoying our service in 2010 and onwards.