Improving task management

We are currently considering different ways how to improve task management in Comapping. Among the ideas are:

  • adding fields like Start Date and duration
  • improving Email Tasks feature by allowing to customize the email sent more than we have now
  • allowing to send tasks in CSV format as well
  • improving Microsoft Project export (for instance, export in Microsoft Project XML format)

Please let us know about your opinion about these points and also of course feel free to suggest more of them. We’re of course not aiming to compete with Microsoft Project, Basecamp or other specialized full-featured project management software, but we’d like to offer our users some basic project management functionality and ability to move into more specialized tools when they need.

    Comapping AIR version BETA launch

    I have some exciting news for the community: we’re launching Comapping AIR version BETA publicly! For those who don’t know AIR is Adobe‘s latest cool technology allowing to convert online applications into offline relatively easily, and this is what we have done for you. So just go directly to Comapping AIR BETA download page, install it and enjoy! And of course feel free to report the feedback but keep in mind it is only BETA for now 😉

    Follow us on Twitter!

    Good news for some of you: we’ve just made a account, so you can now follow even the minor events: – enjoy!


    Thanks everyone for the kind responses to our previous blog post, we’re carefully considering all ideas and suggestions and some of them will definitely go into production very soon. I have one more question for the community though: what kind of integrations would be useful for you? From Facebook to Salesforce, from LiveJournal to MySpace – which of these would you like to use together with Comapping?

    Cool new features?

    We’ve just launched this blog recently and as one of the first things we’d like to know your opinion: what features are missing right now? I promise to open a voting if we get at least several reasonable ideas!