Unscheduled downtime

We regret to announce that Comapping had to go down yesterday (March 20, 2013) due to urgent unscheduled maintenance. We’ve run into unexpected capacity problems and had to do quite a lot of changes in order to get this fixed. Most of this is now resolved and the service is going up really soon.

I personally apologize to all our loyal users for this downtime and will do my best to avoid this in the future.

4 Responses

  1. Thank you so much for the update. I was really starting to freak out here.

  2. Is some functionality still down?

    • no it looks like everything is back up. It just wasn’t up yet when I posted that comment. I’m glad to see that everything is fixed, but if possible please post on your blog or Twitter next time the servers go down (from what I can tell they went down yesterday morning and there wasn’t a post until today.

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