Prices are down

We are glad to announce that we have decided to lower prices on all editions on Comapping. Starting November 15th, both Online and Desktop Comapping will become twice as cheap as they are now. Take a look at Comapping pricing for more details.

5 Responses

  1. Hi! It is great news that you have decided to lower your prices, but frankly speaking, I haven’t noticed anny changes in the annual subscription fee – it’s still $25. Are you planning on reducing that too? If so, please let me know when exactly so I can renew my subscription. Thank you in advance, Pawel

  2. The matter of the fact is that we rised prices on March 5, 2010 (see for more details). As you can see, while rising prices, we decided to keep old prices for our existing customers. Current changes concern users who bought Comapping after prices were rised and new users.

  3. Is the share and collaborate functionality available to users on the 30 day free trial option using their google accounts to login?

  4. No, sharing is forbidden in trial mode

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