Pricing changes

It’s been not so long since our last pricing changes in April, but we have some more news in this area. We’ve just made the following changes:

  • There is a new 1 month subscription plan priced at $10 for those who aren’t ready for a longer term commitment yet
  • We’ve dramatically increased the discounts for the group plans resulting in enormous savings for those buying multiple accounts.

Everyone is welcome to visit our Editions page to get the complete new picture of how much does Comapping cost for you NOW.

6 Responses

  1. Just signed up yesterday. I LOVE how you’ve implemented mindmapping in a left-to-right format.

    Plus, the software just “works”.

    I’d love to see GCal integration (which would be popular) and mobile access (maybe even WAP even if only “read only”, although I understand that’s hardly your priority).

    Yet, as is, it was light years better than the half dozen or so competitors I tried.

    I’m just using it for personal projects right now. It’s essentially my “GTDish” “To Do” list.

    But even still, it’s really sweet to see everything laid out visually, almost like a flow-chart, and I see potential for businesses, project managers, whomever.

    TOTALLY worth the money.

    Even note-taking!

  2. Thanks a lot for the kind words, we do appreciate them! Some of the missing features you mentioned are in the works now, so hope to bring them live quite soon..

  3. I love the new 1 month plan. It’s perfect for when I collaborate with someone on a project for a short period of a month or two. The results are so much better when they can contribute to the map without having to go through me.

    Thanks for the continuing improvements in everything (from new functionality to a flexible pricing scheme) and especially for the great product.

  4. Michael, a couple minor issues that aren’t to do with shortcomings in the basic operation of the software itself — just how it behaves when used through a Google Chrome “application shortcut”.

    That’s how I’m using it now — clicked the blog link and here I am, within the application shortcut window. This is as it should be.

    Yet if I click on the “MY MAPS” green button, it opens in Chrome, which isn’t what I want. Every other program I have saved as an application shortcut behaves properly (Google Calendar, Google Tasks, GQueues, even Facebook) by opening within the application shortcut window, not creating a new window.

    However, when Comapping opens within the application shortcut window, the recent maps open properly, within the window, and same thing with going to Comapping top left icon > Open or to “My Maps” (little icon, near the top left, but not the big green button).

    Possibly other links within Comapping have the same (in my opinion, incorrect) behaviour as the green “MY MAPS” button, but I haven’t tested them.

    Further, I signed up originally using my Google login, same with how I used GQueues. And yet it did NOT play nice with my password manager, LastPass. In order to log in automatically, I had to open a new browser window, and only then would LastPass autofill my account details.

    Nonetheless, with GQueues, which also uses a Google login, the application shortcut window played nice with LastPass.

    Because of that conflict, I stopped using that account and set up another one with a non-Google login, as you know.

    Potentially this could have cost you a good prospective customer during the initial trial stages before they invested time and energy into Comapping, coming to the realization that it is a superior tool, these Google Chrome application shortcut behaviour issues aside.

  5. Fabulous mindmapping tool. Have used Mindjet and others for years but what I find about Comapping is that the essential features of mindmaps are deeply thought through, integrated and implemented in an optimal way.

    At the enterprise level, 2 related big concerns, however: 1) getting a lot of new users to enroll quickly, and 2) long term viability.

    My organization provides virtual training in which we use mindmaps. I would like users to have a free subscription available or a 2 month trial enabling them to edit maps they receive in our training. Right now Mindmeister is getting all this business from us.If you want new users, make it easier for them to get started with you please!

    You’re posting to your blog once every quarter or less. To your stakeholders and potential stakeholders, it looks like you are too busy putting out fires or developing (or whatever) to build your community and business. Thus potential b-b and b-c customers are going to tend to look elsewhere (e.g. Mindjet, Freemind, Mindmeister etc.)

    You are doing all the right things well, but you need also to LOOK LIKE you’re doing them to WAY MORE PEOPLE.

    Hope that you get growing please and communicate with your community.

    • Dear Dan,

      thanks for the great comment, you are surely right abotu blog activity and we are going to change it really soon. In terms of viability, I think the company is rock solid because it is supported by the partners – but we will make it much more open and clear during the coming weeks.

      Mike Pliskin
      Director for R&D,

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