Comapping for Google Apps

We’ve been silent for a while but that was for a reason, and it’s time to open that up. We are ready to announce that Comapping is now available as a Google Apps application – Comapping for Google Apps!

Those of you having a Google Apps account, just click the link and add Comapping to your Google Apps NOW!

If you don’t have a Google Apps account but are an individual Google user, you can still benefit from the new developments – you can now log in using Google account instead of typing login and password – just click Login with your Google Account link on Comapping home page.

And of course the registration has never been easier for the newcomers – just click the link, confirm access at Google, and you’re done!

We do strongly believe here at Comapping that this will make the user experience even smoother – and that’s something the project is devoted to from day one!

5 Responses

  1. Hi,

    Great addition!
    I have now added Comapping as a Google App. But how do I use it? I find “Comapping” under the “More” menu in Google Apps, but how do I add a Comapping map to My documents, and how do I sync tasks between Google Calendar and selected Comapping map?

    Have a nice day! 🙂

  2. Well syncing with Google Documents and Google Calendar is not yet supported – but we’re working on them! For now, it just gives you an easy access.

  3. Hi.

    Following the thread above, any idea of when the calendar integration with Google will be enabled? I have been looking for some time now for a mind mapping application that takes the tasking facility more seriously by integrating with calendars, setting reminders and also allowing for tasks to be shown in a separate chronological tasking page. Something like a to-do list detailing deadlines and dates. Would this be something in the pipeline?

  4. How can I add words to the spell checker? I use a lot of medical and drug names. Thank you Bill

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