Cross-topic links live!

We are terribly sorry for being a little bit silent for a while, but this was for a reason. We have just released a brand new feature many of our users asked before: cross-topic links! Yes you can now put links between different topics in your maps and visually connect the related topics from different branches.

Additionally, two new export formats are ready: SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) and (as many people asked) PDF! The last one was asked particularly often and we are sure will be of great value for our users.

There are lots of other improvements you might have noticed already, and a lot of new cool stuff in the works. We hope you would keep enjoying our service in 2010 and onwards.

One Response

  1. Thanks for the update!
    By visually connect you mean the link icon on topic, or should I see a visual relationshop line connecting the two topics? (Me missing something?)

    Great feature anyway, and hope to also see this feature included in the API (being able to create new maps via API with links directly to topics – not just maps).

    Have a nice day! 🙂

    Pity that the cross-topic does not automatically insert links for both topics, as this is the case in 90% of my use of this feature in other mindmap software (when you link two topics, you would most often like to jump both ways between them – since they are related -> also very useful feature in presentation where you want to say, “look at this example”, jump to a specific part of the map, … and then jump back).

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