New release is out

I am pleased to announce a new release just put online. This was mostly a performance and polishing release, however the following new features are available:

  • Lock for topics and subtopics
  • Email tasks dialog improved
  • New graphical style for emails

Of course, a lot of bug fixes and smaller-scale improvements are also in place.

2 Responses

  1. Hi,

    Whats the new Lock feature about?
    Is it “lock for editing” og “lock for layout” (always show topic/subtopics when opening map).

    I would really like both options! 🙂

    PS: When can we expect to see the API documentation?

    Have a nice day!

    Med vennlig hilsen/Yours sincerely
    Alfasoft AS
    Torgrim Sandvoll
    Dir: +47 64 84 15 92

    …fra idé til resultat

    • Hi Torgrim,

      lock is both ways: it is ‘lock for editing and deletion’ for a single topic, and ‘lock layout’ if the entire tree is locked. More precisely, you cannot break a link between two topics if both topics are locked. However, deleting a topic is an exception – you cannot delete a locked topic even if it is the only one locked.

      As for the API: we’ve just published it, see the recent blog post!

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