Global Search, Recent Maps and more

I am pleased to announce that we’ve put the new version online last week. New feature include:

  • Global Search to allow you to search your maps for content
  • Recent Maps to let you quickly open your favourite documents
  • New icons added

Additionally, printing has been improved, a lot of bugs fixed, and performance is gonna be better now. Looking forward for your feedback!

4 Responses

  1. I hadn’t been in for a few weeks and the performance did seem crisper, a bit faster. Thanks!

    new feature request: I would love to have the capability of some kind of cross linking (a la concept maps) or cross relationships. So for example you’d have a People node w/child nodes for each person and a Projects nodes, child nodes for each project, it would be wonderful to be able to llink each person to a project (or projects).

    BTW, I’m trying out the embed functionality and it’s really great, love it.

  2. The updates are fantastic! Excellent work! I especially like the new icons and the recent maps – a handy time saver.

    Just curious, what’s coming next? I’d love to start salivating over the next cool features that are being developed.

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