New features uploaded

I am happy to announce that we’ve just put a new update online. This one is not very feature-rich but there are still some improvements:

  • Task handling has been extended to support an extra Start Date field
  • Email tasks dialog has been re-implemented to add more advanced sorting and filtering options
  • Group users can now see all their peers in the Share Dialog by default
  • Edit link dialog has a target option added

Of course numerous bug fixes and speed-ups are also in place, and another major new feature is coming in a couple of days.

3 Responses

  1. Will there ever be the possibility to add images to a comap topic?

  2. You can do that already – just attach an image file and we will show an online preview.

  3. I do not see a direct email action, only email updates. How do I share a message?
    Also, the email updates does one thing which I can’t resolve and one it doesn’t seem to do. 1 – A long string of map areas, some changed some not are attached to the email, Why? and 2 – the message is lost to everyone except me(originator) if I add my name to the collaborators.

    Can anyone answer these three questions?

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