Comapping on Adobe AIR Marketplace

We’ve finally managed to submit Comapping AIR BETA to Adobe AIR Marketplace. The process took about a month basically due to slow and error-prone marketplace software, but it’s done now. Expecting more users from it now!

New features uploaded

I am happy to announce that we’ve just put a new update online. This one is not very feature-rich but there are still some improvements:

  • Task handling has been extended to support an extra Start Date field
  • Email tasks dialog has been re-implemented to add more advanced sorting and filtering options
  • Group users can now see all their peers in the Share Dialog by default
  • Edit link dialog has a target option added

Of course numerous bug fixes and speed-ups are also in place, and another major new feature is coming in a couple of days.

Planned downtime

We are informing everyone that we expect a planned downtime for about 3 hours on Sunday early morning European time / Saturday late evening US time. We apologize for the inconvenience but we need to perform a major software upgrade.

A little bit of good news though: expect a major software upgrade after that!