Improving task management

We are currently considering different ways how to improve task management in Comapping. Among the ideas are:

  • adding fields like Start Date and duration
  • improving Email Tasks feature by allowing to customize the email sent more than we have now
  • allowing to send tasks in CSV format as well
  • improving Microsoft Project export (for instance, export in Microsoft Project XML format)

Please let us know about your opinion about these points and also of course feel free to suggest more of them. We’re of course not aiming to compete with Microsoft Project, Basecamp or other specialized full-featured project management software, but we’d like to offer our users some basic project management functionality and ability to move into more specialized tools when they need.

    7 Responses

    1. Comapping is perfect as a business meeting and project planning tool. You can work with agenda, documents, ideas and tasks/responsibilities all at the same time and with the unique overview. Especially the real-time sync and collaboration features is perfect for telephone meetings.

      Would really like to see start date and duration added as well.

      But most important is communicating the tasks buried in a map to all team members.
      CSV would be great for exporting the task information to other more specialized solutions for follow up and tracking.
      Please also include notes in CSV file!

      Would also like to see a filtering feature when sending tasks as email (eg. only tasks belonging to Peter, only tasks that are not completed, etc.).

      How do I remove contacts/responsibles from my list (work with lots of clients for a short while, and would like to be able to remove them when finished, the list gets very long and un-manageable).

      Keep up the great work! πŸ™‚

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