Thanks everyone for the kind responses to our previous blog post, we’re carefully considering all ideas and suggestions and some of them will definitely go into production very soon. I have one more question for the community though: what kind of integrations would be useful for you? From Facebook to Salesforce, from LiveJournal to MySpace – which of these would you like to use together with Comapping?

5 Responses

  1. Syncplicity and Evernote would be great to link in with.
    Whilst writing I see that the FAQ says that there will be an offline version of Comapping within a couple of weeks. I wonder if you have a more sepcific date yet. Thanks.

  2. Per the feature request/new features thread, it would be fantastic to open the API so individual developers can take a stab at these integration scenarios :-]

  3. Michael,
    How about hooking up with the guys at 37Signals and doing a Basecamp integration. Your two tools combined would be awesome for large creative shops!

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