Cool new features?

We’ve just launched this blog recently and as one of the first things we’d like to know your opinion: what features are missing right now? I promise to open a voting if we get at least several reasonable ideas!

18 Responses

  1. Hi,

    Just tested the new features and design. Great work, and I especially liked the image preview feature!

    About future features what we really would like to see is improving the task handling features.

    We see Comapping as an excellent online team collaboration solution, and use it a lot in our business (meetings, planning projects and presentations). The existing feature for eg. after a meeting sending the resulting tasks to all participants is excellent, but it would be nice to have a filter feature (sending participant A tasks for participant A (and not all tasks in a map), upcoming tasks for this week, etc.).

    Keep up the good work! 🙂

  2. I would like to have an automatic export mechanism. To really store my valuable ideas, I need to be sure that I can access them at any time. Especially for the worst case, that your website becomes unavailable (for what ever reason). This is important especially for companies.

    Keep on going! Great work so far.

  3. I use comapping extensively as part of my essay writing structure. As a student, my access to the Internet can sometimes be fickle so an off-line mode and/or desktop mode (as you stated a year or two ago that you were developing and would release soon, but still haven’t) is highly necessary, especially in the modern standard of Web 2.0.

    I also like to colour code individual threat, e.g. Essay is the root topic. Structure > introduction>etc. would be read while Main arguments>1st argument, 2nd argument, etc. would be blue, etc. I would like an option where I can toggle on the possibility to have each subsequent thread in the same colour as the previous instead of having to do so manually for each new level within the same thread.

    • Thanks for the ideas, cascading formatting sounds good, putting to the todo. As for desktop version, please send us an email if you’d like to try the beta one.

      • Hi,

        Thanks for taking my ideas on. Just downloaded the beta version of Comapping air and so far, I’m loving it. Now I can work on my maps when I fly, etc. and don’t have access to the Internet. Thank you for that!

  4. I would echo Jack’s requests.
    In particular, offline/desktop mode, via a responsive Air application would be phenomenal.

    * An open API would make integration with other applications a snap, and offset some of the development workload for you guys.

    * I would love improved clipboard functionality. When I copy WITHIN Co-mapping, I can easily copy an entire branch. But it would be really nice to be able to copy entire branches into, say, text editors, as newline and tab-delimited plain text. (Same behavior as Freemind et al.)

    * Co-mapping hijacks browser hotkeys, which can be a bit of a nuisance. It would be handy to have a hotkey that would remove focus from the flash object so I can administer browser commands (like switching tabs), and a complementary hotkey to swap back into the flash object.

    * In the spirit of usability, I’d love to see the Find function accessible via the ‘/’ key, which is a fairly common keystroke for this feature.

    * Would love to see you guys on Twitter for up-to-the minute updates and buzz.

    * A swappable “outline” mode would be handy!

    Thanks so much guys!

    • Thanks for detailed comment, see my reply to Jack’s post above concerning beta desktop, as for other stuff:
      – we have the clipboard thing already in the works, so expect it soon
      – as for hotkeys, quite difficult to make it work cross-platform, however let’s try
      – ‘/’ for Find: well I am afraid too VIM style and will interfere with our ‘immediate typing’ concept
      – could you please elaborate on outline mode?

      • Outline mode would just be a way of representing the data in a more linear format, e.g., headings, subheadings, and the like.

        Because of the attention that’s been paid to usability, this isn’t a huge deal for me. The organization makes a lot more sense than traditional radial mindmapping layouts. Nonetheless, it could create a good way to transition from associative, radial thinking to linear action steps or prose.

        Another thing that I’ve been thinking about is drag & drop for media into mindmaps. This is especially important to a lot of folks in the Macintosh camp.
        I’m not sure if this would be helpful:

  5. Also, probably a good idea to have the header logo above link to the blog homepage, as there’s not currently a link back to it 🙂

  6. Feature suggestions:

    – I’d like to be able to adjust the size of uploaded images (both the thumbnail and the regular size).

    – Have live links in the notes section and change the font/ text color of notes.

    BTW, just discovered the fabulous publish to the web possibilities – thanks!

  7. I use Comapping a lot for writing, and from what I read in the reactions I am not the only one. What would be extremely useful in that context is an export mode to MS Word in which the hierarchy in the map is reflected in the Heading style levels.
    In the current .rtf export there is still a lot of manual work to do (or macro work, at best) to transform a map into a usable template for the final document.

  8. Would love to be able to do more with chat transcripts.

    I’ve been using Comapping in a collaborative development environment, and the limited chat history has definitely been a sore spot.

    Additionally, I know it’s in the FAQ, but being able to use bold and italic text would sure be nice.

    And some big wishes:
    Associative arrows and attributes, ala Freemind.

    Loving Comapping folks–keep up the great work 🙂

  9. do you have this available for mobile. I often get ideas while on the train, and with my iphone I could get them up right away!

    Like the impressive speed of your tool now.


  10. Proposal for simple tasks.

    GQueues has the circular “check boxes” with progress metres for tasks.

    They’re excellent for complex projects needing estimates, but not so good for simple checklists and the like.

    I propose you have a “simple checkbox” icon. To keep it separate from what you have now, make it square. It should have 2 states only: checked/unchecked.

    To make this ideal, it should work like Google Tasks: Adding a checkbox to a top-level item automatically adds it to all sub-items. Checking a top-level item automatically checks all sub-items and unchecking a top-level item automatically unchecks all sub-items.

    If possible, to make it really great, checking automatically “greys-out” and/or “strikes out” the text just like in Google Tasks.

    The amount of uses for this would be unending. Fast and easy, it replaces Google Tasks and similar tools without being cumbersome (as it is now a bit for this purpose with the check circles and their many possible states) while still maintaining all the functionality of a great mind-mapping solution.

  11. Sorry, forget what I said about “GQueues”, that was a typo, it should read “Comapping has the circular…”.

    GQueues Pro is what I used to use before I discovered Comapping!

  12. Another vote for an iPhone app.

    One, it would be great for us paid customers.

    Two, it could help you get some more customers.



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