Comapping downtime – FIXED

I am sorry to inform the community that the Comapping application is down at this moment. Our main hosting provider, Peer1, has a big network connectivity outage in their San Antonio data center. We are monitoring the situation and have a backup ready.

UPDATE 2 hours later: Comapping is back online, Peer1 reported a fiber cable being cut and replaced. Thanks for your understanding.

Live again

I am glad to announce that the application is now live, however there might be some minor glitches that we are trying to resolve now. Will post another update once this is done.

Again, deeply sorry about the issues.

Unscheduled downtime

We regret to announce that Comapping had to go down yesterday (March 20, 2013) due to urgent unscheduled maintenance. We’ve run into unexpected capacity problems and had to do quite a lot of changes in order to get this fixed. Most of this is now resolved and the service is going up really soon.

I personally apologize to all our loyal users for this downtime and will do my best to avoid this in the future.

Prices are down

We are glad to announce that we have decided to lower prices on all editions on Comapping. Starting November 15th, both Online and Desktop Comapping will become twice as cheap as they are now. Take a look at Comapping pricing for more details.

New release is out

It’s been a while since the last entry was published here, and we are sincerely sorry for the silence. We’ve gone through a lot of infrastructure updates, and I hope we can be more active here from now on. As a starting post, please find the latest changes below:

  • Import of Xmind mindmaps in Comapping Desktop.
  • Import/export of ConceptDraw Mindmap *.cdmz files.
  • Locking of attachments. The feature allows the owner of a map or a user who uploaded an attachment to forbid downloading it for anyone else. The feature is useful to create try-before-buy content and similar applications. To lock an attachment, click on ‘Lock file’ button (‘Advanced Options’ tab).

New features uploaded

As most of you noticed we’ve put new update yesterday. This one is not very feature-rich, but still there’s some improvements:

  • You can now Drag&Drop files in Comapping Desktop attaching them to topic as local attachments.
  • Remember branch state feature added. Look for ‘Remember branch state’ button on ‘Advanced Options’ tab. Clicking on it will freeze the collapse/expand state of branch, i.e. if the branch is collapsed it will be collapsed any time the map is redrawn(the same if the branch is expanded).

And of course there’s numerous bug fixes. Enjoy using new features and don’t forget to give us a feedback

Pricing changes

It’s been not so long since our last pricing changes in April, but we have some more news in this area. We’ve just made the following changes:

  • There is a new 1 month subscription plan priced at $10 for those who aren’t ready for a longer term commitment yet
  • We’ve dramatically increased the discounts for the group plans resulting in enormous savings for those buying multiple accounts.

Everyone is welcome to visit our Editions page to get the complete new picture of how much does Comapping cost for you NOW.

Comapping for Google Apps

We’ve been silent for a while but that was for a reason, and it’s time to open that up. We are ready to announce that Comapping is now available as a Google Apps application – Comapping for Google Apps!

Those of you having a Google Apps account, just click the link and add Comapping to your Google Apps NOW!

If you don’t have a Google Apps account but are an individual Google user, you can still benefit from the new developments – you can now log in using Google account instead of typing login and password – just click Login with your Google Account link on Comapping home page.

And of course the registration has never been easier for the newcomers – just click the link, confirm access at Google, and you’re done!

We do strongly believe here at Comapping that this will make the user experience even smoother – and that’s something the project is devoted to from day one!

New feature: Insert Map from Document

As some of you noticed already, we’ve put a new feature online – Insert Map from Document. Built on top of existing Context Organizer integration, this feature now allows for building your map from external content with just few mouse clicks – just click a button, enter URL or specify the file you want to look at, and you’re done! Try it now and please let us now how this works (note that only English, German, French and Spanish documents work for now)

Comapping is 4 years old now

It is a great day today for us at Comapping. Exactly 4 years ago, on March 24th, 2006, we’ve started the project. It’s been a great time for us here, and we are working hard to keep this feeling further on. That’s all for now – everyone has gone for the party!